Welcome to Hacker's Hope

This site is dedicated to telling my story. In 2019 at the age of 47 I was given the label of having a motor neuron disorder, most likely ALS. My family and I are not accepting that as a diagnosis and are fighting to overcome it. Our friends and family give us the support and encouragement that we need. They give us HOPE.

To date I have been to 34 medical professionals, had 2,500 labs performed, EMG's, EKG's, X-rays, MRI's, Cat Scans, Bone Density Scans, a muscle biopsy, a nerve biopsy, and a spinal tap. I have changed the way I live. The way I sleep, the way I walk, even what I eat. Everything I do has an impact on how I feel. I'm doing everything I can to reduce inflammation in my body. All while trying to minimize weakness and muscle cramping. I currently do about four-six hours each day of home treatments. With funds raised we were able to purchase equipment including a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, ozone generator, ozone sauna, ozone insufflation, red light panels, photobiomodulation laser, rife machine, oxygen concentrator, infrared sauna, and an ice tub.

I can't thank everyone enough for their generosity and support. All money that has been raised by Go Fund Me, private donors, my HoliMont FLITE Team family,  the Ski community, my NFTA colleagues, and my family and friend will go towards my medical and treatment plan. I am currently on an aggressive protocol to put the breaks on the progression of muscle weakness, cramping, and neurological myelin sheath deterioration.  I am frequently traveling back and forth to DC for medical care.  Most of this is not covered by health insurance.